Saturday, October 18, 2014

Disney Princess Book list (yet another reason why you should bookmark our blog)

     Most little girls want to be a princess! The gowns, jewels and let's not forget the tiara are hard to resist!

     Here at Kirkwood Public Library in the Children's Area we get asked A LOT for princess books and Disney princess books. It hard to find them easily since they are not all by the same author. That's why we have subject book lists on our blog!

     These "Subject Lists" are located on the right hand side of your screen. We've even taken the liberty of linking each book to our catalog! Wasn't that nice of us!?

     Not only do we have Disney Princess lists we also have Dinosaur, Dragon, Barbie, Trains and MORE!!!

Behaving like a princess is work. It's not just about looking beautiful or wearing a crown. It's more about how you are inside. -Julie Andrews

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Lions of Little Rock

Title: The Lions of Little Rock
Author: Kristin Levine
Illustrator: none
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Pages: 298
Reading Level: Ages 10 - 14
Series: No
Reviewer: Sandy

In 1958, the Governor of Little Rock, Arkansas closed all public high schools to avoid integration.  The Lions of Little Rock by Kristine Levine tells the story of two friends who meet in middle school and come face to face with the racial tensions in the south at that time. Marlee is painfully shy when she meets outgoing Liz and then learns that Liz is actually “passing “ for white.  Determined to uphold  their friendship after Liz leaves their school, both girls risk their safety as well as the safety of their families.  Kristine Levine does a great job recreating the times and tensions in this historical fiction novel . Marlee finds her very strong  voice and is able to speak up for what is right. The Lions of Little Rock is our Family Book Club choice for October.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hug Machine by Scott Campbell

Title: Hug Machine 
Author/Illustrator: Scott Campbell

Category: Picture Book
Pages: 40
Reading Level: 4-8
Interest Level: Pre K & up!
Series: No
Reviewer: Julie

One of my favorite parts from the movie Elf is, "Does someone need a hug?" Here is the clip for reference and pleasure... 

I think most of us, if we're honest, could use more hugs in our day! Enter picture book "Hug Machine" by author illustrator Scott Campbell. This boy, Hug Machine, hugs everyone and anything. He's not limited by big or small and doesn't bat an eye at inanimate objects. Hug Machine is an amazing hugger and he knows it and shows it.

I LOVE THIS BOOK! I'm hugging it right now!

The illustrations in this book are whimsical, sweet and very squeezable!
Do you have a hugger in your life?Would you like to be better at hugging? Scott Campbell, the author, made this fantastic video to help you get your hug on ... and to promote his new book! Enjoy!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Fourteenth Goldfish

Title: The Fourteenth Goldfish
Author: Jennifer L. Holm
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Pages: 195
Reading Level: Grade 4-6
Interest Level: Age 10-12
Series: No
Reviewer: Kim

Science is great, and scientists have made some amazing discoveries over the years but what would happen if they were to figure out how to obtain eternal youth? Would it be a wonderful scientific discovery or would we be getting more than we bargained for?
Ellie is an eleven year-old girl that loves working puzzles, hates being onstage (much to her theater parents dismay!) and who discovered she has had 13 different goldfish over the years rather than just the one she thought she had!
When her scientist grandfather comes to live with them after having discovered the fountain of youth and is now a 14 year old boy again, things get interesting!
Covering topics such as death, aging, friendship, family and immortality in a light-hearted way, you can't go wrong with a Jennifer Holm book and this would appeal to girls and boys both!

Friday, September 26, 2014


Title: Chomp
Author: Carl Hiaasen
Illustrator: None
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Pages: 290
Reading Level: Ages 10 - 14
Interest Level:  Ages 10 - 14
Series: No
Reviewer: Sandy

Mickey Cray, animal trainer, has headaches and double vision because a frozen iguana fell from a tree and landed on his head. His son, Wahoo, is missing a thumb because their pet alligator, Alice, took a bite. A fake survivalist hires them for a harrowing adventure through the Everglades where their star Derek Badger gets bitten on the tongue by a bat.  Now, that should peak your interest in this crazy, humorous adventure by Carl Hiaasen.  In addition to the humor, Hiaasen also tackles some values in  conflict as well as father/son relationships and abuse.  This was our Family Book Club choice for September, 2014.  A really fun read for the whole family.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Best Autumn Music

Title: When It's Autumn
Music by: Kathy Reid-Naiman
Category: Music
Reviewer: Kathy

I really like this CD.  This is the perfect CD to listen to this time of year.  It’s filled with terrific Autumn, Halloween & Thanksgiving music.  There are songs, dances & rhymes that are fun to listen to and to dance along with.  It’s  great for families and preschools.